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Kismet 3.0 Chandi Rout Ray

Kismet 3.0

Chandi Rout Ray

ISBN : 9788192401706
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 About the Book 

“A cool, fresh, hugely entertaining novel for anyone who is young or young at heart.”—Amish, bestselling author of The Shiva TrilogyA no-frills, gut-inspired tale - HTStraight-from-the-gut tale of a 25-year-old techie - OutlookStraight from the heart of a new young India comes Kismet 3.0, the tale of a 25-year-old techie as he negotiates the pitfalls of the 3 Ws of life: Wine, Wealth and Women. And, oh yes, cricket betting.Chandi is just another Bangalore-based CBL: Capable But Loser. The CBL Boys work hard, get drunk on weekends, wonder what life has in store for them, and brood that the hot chicks they pine for are all PNS: Paal Nahin Saktey. When his firm transfers him to Toronto, it seems like a happy escape. But Destiny has other plans. Chandi has to share his apartment with three women who will change his world for ever and teach him the complexities of love, lust and choices. Kismet 3.0 is the voice of a new generation— the young 21st century global-desi Indian male.