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Ten Greek Tragedies Meyer Reinhold

Ten Greek Tragedies

Meyer Reinhold

Published December 28th 1981
ISBN : 9780812001884
170 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Dr. Meyer Reinhold was an author and a scholar of classical studies.Dr. Reinhold got interested in the classics after reading Virgils Aeneid when he was just a young student at Bushwick High School in Brooklyn. He attended City College, then Columbia where he received his Ph.D. in ancient history in 1933. He was a fellow at the American Academy in Rome for two years.In 1965 he was a professor of Greek, Latin and ancient history at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Two years later he transferred to the University of Missouri, and later became the Byler Distinguished Professor of Classical Studies.He was involved in creation, co-authoring and editing of 23 books.* Biography source: NY Times