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Selected Works: Stories Anton Chekhov

Selected Works: Stories

Anton Chekhov

Published 1973
232 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Im not a literary critic, obviously. My description of books as sucky/trite/trash, etc kind of make me wonder how I ever even majored in English Lit all those years ago. But let me see if I can describe Chekhov in the way Ive come to understand him ... and his awesomeness. (heehee)Chekhov was a doctor before he was a writer, he knew how the human body worked, he knew the human mind, and he knew what external stimulus (the weather, the look in a persons eye, the placement of a strange object) could have on a persons physical being and their psyche. Combine this with this unmatched talent as a writer, and youve got the kind of writer that can touch your heart, wrangle your emotions, and fuck with your mind unlike any other.When I read The Lady With the Dog, I had to go sit under a tree and contemplate life for a while. When I read the desire in the dialogue in The Seagull, I had to call my boyfriend. I didnt know why these things would happen when I read Chekov. The words were simply there on the page, no? No force was making me melancholic, no one was telling me to get randy from The Seagull and call my boyfriend.No, Chekov is deeper than that. Its almost like hypnosis, the descriptions, the word combinations, etc. He writes one thing, but the way you will understand it and digest it mentally and physically is completely unexpected.I love this guy.