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Marked Destiny by W.J. May


Destiny by W.J. May

Published October 9th 2014
ISBN : 9781310810824
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The highly anticipated sequel to Seventh Mark…Marked by DestinySometimes the past isn’t what you expect it to be.Rouge has survived the last months of school and is starting a new chapter after graduation. She wants answers to the questions about her past and is still hiding secrets from those she loves.Her hope is to find what she needs in Niagara Falls so she can move forward in her relationship with Michael and have a chance to convince his family that she is worthy of him.The ancient Grollic – wolf – book reveals another of its secrets, again only to Rouge. She has been scared to study the book and continues to find excuses not to.Rouge desperately wants to find the truth about the past. Nothing could have prepared her for what she’s about to learn.The Hidden Secrets Saga is a deliciously unique take on werewolves and the walking dead!