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The Tara Bridal Headdress: Create An Heirloom! Kristin Shea

The Tara Bridal Headdress: Create An Heirloom!

Kristin Shea

Published January 29th 2012
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 About the Book 

Create an heirloom! The detailed picture and video instruction make this beautiful headdress surprisingly easy and fast to make.Included are links to online resources, the downloadable and printable patterns and complete video instruction.Everything about the Tara Bridal Headdress says romance! The headband can be adorned with lace, pearls or just left plain to show off beautiful fabric. It has a gentle curve to create style and is designed to be sturdy while appearing delicate. The roses and pearls sit at the back of the head, as the veil flows down the brides back. Low, at the nape of the neck or higher on the head if the band rests on the brides forehead. Some brides prefer no veil at all and this is equally stunning.With the little bit of effort it takes to make this lovely headdress for your wedding, or for your special bride, know that you are creating a beautiful, one of a kind heirloom to be cherished for years, and even passed down to daughters or granddaughters.The “Tara” was inspired by my daughter. I was given the honor of creating her wedding headdress and the joy of creating such a special part of her wedding was wonderful! I imagined there must be others who would love to give this gift to their special brides, and so this book was born.