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Manhandled: Rough Sex Sessions Volume One Hollis K. Reed

Manhandled: Rough Sex Sessions Volume One

Hollis K. Reed

Published September 5th 2011
Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Having just divorced an ex-husband who failed to satisfy her sexually, Private investigator Denise Morley embarks on a series of sexual encounters that shock her into discovering she is aroused by rough sex.As her addiction to being manhandled increases, she must up the ante more and more to get the same thrill - and places herself in ever-more dangerous and sexually stimulating situations to acheive the ultimate orgasm.Written in the style of the pulp fiction mens novels of the fifties, this XXX-rated story of raging desire, rough sex and forbidden lust hits every note like a glorious symphony, set against a gritty backdrop of intrigue, desperate characters and wanton surrender.EXCERPT:The beautiful investigator trembled with uncontrolled and involuntary delight as she felt the tip of Tonys finger moving deeper between her thighs, opening the ragged edges of the lips of her seething womanhood to circle tormentingly around and around and finally slip through the clinging elastic mouth of her labia to ignite tingling explosions in every one of her shattered nerve-endings.Ohhh God, Denise moaned.I think shes diggin this! Tony said to his friend.As if those sighs were signals that the two men had been eagerly waiting for, they looked at one another and nodded, knowingly. They immediately loosened their hold on her trembling body as the aphrodisiac in her built her to a more fevered pitch of lust, and Denise felt one of them working feverishly at the side zipper of her skirt while the other tore excitedly at the bottom of her sweater.