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Pattini dargento Mary Mapes Dodge

Pattini dargento

Mary Mapes Dodge

Published 2002
ISBN : 9788809026247
144 pages
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 About the Book 

Im reading this to decide if it gets to stay with me or not. I have a very, very bad (or maybe good) habit of buying books I havent read because Ive heard theyre good. Or I want to read them. Or theyre on sale. This was one such book. Hey, everyone has read Hans Brinker, I should too.Thus far Im really liking it so maybe it was a good thing I bought it (several years ago and am just now getting around to it).September 20, 2009 - I finished! Yes, it took me much longer to read than normal, but I only read it when I was upstairs, with nothing to do, which pretty much never happens.I really enjoyed this book. It was sweet and nice and gentle but didnt feel all girly and foofy. I think my boys will like it. You learn a lot about Holland and about history along the way. The story plot is interesting and the characters intriguing. There isnt a lot of character development, but you still get a pretty good feel for them and most of them are just such good, decent, kind people that you love them even if you dont know much about them.I think well read this when we study Holland. And it will get to stay with me.