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Mc Brooms Zoo Sid Fleischman

Mc Brooms Zoo

Sid Fleischman

Published 1972
ISBN : 9780448214443
46 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Im avoiding putting childrens books into my Read books (because anything that can be read in 10 minutes shouldnt count towards my grand total in my mind, as if anyone else is checking my stats...), despite the memories of those books being as essential as any literature Ive read in my adult years.However, Ive decided that my 3 favorite picture books (excepting obvious classics like Where the Wild Things Are that dont need any further recommendations) from my tyke days are too worthy to not be recognized:1. Andrew Henrys Meadow, by Doris Burn2. Katy and the Big Snow, by Virginia Lee Burton3. McBrooms Zoo, by Sid FleischmanGive them to your kids. Read em with them. Read it when theyre not looking.As a father-to-be, these fabulous picture books will soon be put back into heavy rotation. *commences digging through boxes in the family basement*