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My Life Experience Mellisa Semanta Dean-Chambers

My Life Experience

Mellisa Semanta Dean-Chambers

Published July 30th 2009
ISBN : 9781441532534
60 pages
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 About the Book 

My book is based on my life Experience. The kind of love and compassionate people I’ve been around through out all my struggles. The love I had for people that I very important in my life. Most of my poetry are basically about thing that I experienced in my life growing up and about the people that I was around that really didn’t care about there owe needs and they figure they didn’t need school. I have a very clean and pure heart so when I say that I care and I love that person the love that I have for that special someone is unconditional love. One of my poetry is basically something that I always wanted to write about what happen between Iraq and United States. This poetry has a impact in life because I use get almost all those treatments then my life started turning around in a very positive way. I had a son last year and my sperm donor family had a baby shower for me and I didn’t get anything but it was okay because I know that they didn’t spend nothing really on my son anyways.Sincerely,Mellisa Semanta Dean-Chambers