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The Functional Believer Vincent Pinckney

The Functional Believer

Vincent Pinckney

Published July 16th 2013
Kindle Edition
60 pages
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 About the Book 

In every man there is purpose. Each life that existed on the earth is more than one that passes with the hope of making enough of an impression to grant them eternal reign with Christ and the Father. The choices we make and the more pursuant we are to the spiritual things of God, the easier it becomes for us to recognize His predestinated, divine will for our lives.In discovering our divine calling in todays society of believers, there has been a barrage of paraphernalia and reference tools created to help us figure out what may be designated to us individually. Individually, we must establish a relationship, not just of our confession of salvation, but an open dialogue with heaven that our spirit may become fully developed and take charge of our natural way of living.To function in the principle and precepts of Gods righteousness is the first line of defense to winning the battle of faith and establishing the spirit, mind, body, and soul to fully operate in Gods will.